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PHP with Maya SQL

  • One of the most popular web development and programming tool used for designing state of the art websites with strong dynamism and security. As a website becomes more sophisticated, so must the code that backs it. Millions of transactions are happening in the web space and the programmers require some real effective programming tool to create dynamic websites. PHP comes to the aid of programmers for developing most interactive shopping and dynamic websites. The best example of PHP development is FACEBOOK. There is a continuous demand for PHP developers having sound knowledge of programming and web development domain. The participants are trained to get the best knowledge for developing the niche in PHP.

Software Testing

  • After establishing itself in the field of Software Engineering, Graphics and Animation, Hardware & Networking, I Tech Computer Education now offers a specialized Testing Course - I Tech Software Testing Professional (STP). Testing is an important phase of any product life cycle to identify errors and defects before the product's release. Testing has now become an indispensable process before launching any quality product or IT applications such as Software, Games, Internet and Mobile Apps, Robotics, or Web-based programmers. I Tech Computer Education offers STP (Software Testing Professional) certification programmer for aspiring testing professionals to excel in this fast paced yet quality conscious world.

Cyber Security

  • India is known for its capability in Information technology. But it is also a fact that India is one of the top countries with highest rate of Cyber crime incidents and computer virus infections. This not only affects a lot of individuals but also the business and the Government, who are regular targets of coordinated hacking attacks by hacker.

    Even as organizations strive to protect their sensitive information to defend from phishing attacks, data leakage, malware threats, email hacking, website defacements and other attacks, the Government is struggling to train the law enforcement about hacking, move towards secure e-governance for the common man and protect its national critical infrastructure from cyber-warfare and insider threats. To address the security concerns at both the Industry and the Government, it is essential to seek assistance from Information technology and security experts.
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