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Itech Business Model Plan

I Tech Computer Education operates on a franchisee based business model. As a part of this, I Tech has a corporate office, situated in Mira Road ( Thane ).
We have valued partners who have been associated with I Tech for years. Along with our partners, we have welcomed host of students to get acquainted with the latest developments in the technology pertaining to their organizations.
Our regional offices have franchisees under them and the franchisees report to the regional offices as well as to the corporate office. We pursue various methods to ensure smooth functioning of the franchisees towards meeting revenue expectations. We send various collateral to the franchisees as a part of our marketing support plan.
The corporate office organizes various promotional campaigns to drive in more sales to the franchisees. As a part of our ongoing operational support, trainers are sent from the corporate office to our franchisees to train the trainers there. This training includes imparting knowledge on new technology areas and re-skilling of knowledge on existing technology.

What Business Benefits You Get From Itech ?

Itech business model is designed to share benefits with our partners. Some of the distinct advantages of our franchisee business model are listed below:

➨ An Unique Business Partnership Model.
➨ Huge Market to Attract from Todays HOT Career Option for Students & their Parents.
➨ High Profit Margin with Minimal Investment.
➨ New Source of Revenue from Same Infrastructure & Staff.
➨ An Innovative way for Consistent Growth through Sharing, Learning & Celebrating
➨ Complete, Real Time Back End Support to Ensure Smooth Operation and Quality Delivery.
➨ Quick GO-TO-Market Concept.
➨ Strong, Easy & Convenient Plan to Get Daily Enquiries.

What Course Benefits You Get From Itech ?

Curriculum Designed by Expert & Professionals from IT Industry.
➨ Perfectly Balanced Practical & Theory.
➨ An All-Rounder Course Curriculum for 360 Degree Development.
➨ Course Followed by Real IT Market.
➨ Advanced Training & Tracking System.
➨ Professional Approach, Guest Lecture, Industry Visit, Student Induction.
➨ International Certification.
➨ Job Opportunity & Recession Proof Career Option.
➨ Quick Student Support System.
➨ Special Training for Student Advancement & Other Benefits